ZP7-IB Isolator Detector Dabe Base

      ZP7P-IB common isolator base, allows any ZP700 analogue sensor to be removed or replaced without disconnecting loop wiring from sensor terminals.
      Sensors plug into the base unit with a simple twist and lock action, allowing quick and easy removal for cleaning and servicing, or reselection of device type should the usage of the protected area change. 
      Designed to provide short circuit protection for loop wiring, isolators divide the loop into monitored sections. A total of 11 isolator units (sensor base and stand alone) can be connected along each ZP loop, which together with isolators at the beginning and end (internal to the panel), enable each loop to be divided into a maximum of 12 monitored sections. Where the performance specification of the ZP3panel is not to EN54, the number of isolators on
      each loop can be increased to 16.