About Us

ELEKS has been successfully continued their activities in the field of Fire Alarm Systems for nearly 20 years.

Exploration, pricing, sales, installing mounting, commissioning, periodic maintenance and after-sale service has been successfully continued with experienced Sales-Project and Technical Service crews. Eleks is the one of the best company in Fire Alarm industry in Turkey.

Our primary field of activities include; Fire-Alarm, Automatic Extinguishing, Emergency Lightining  systems. With wide ranged product and brand spectrum the service we provide widely chosen by architectures, engineers, project-management bureaus, government and private cooperations.

With our Izmir, Perpa , Ankara , Antalya branches and nation-wide affiliates has make us capable of giving the same quality of service and products to whole country.

Thanks to our developing product spectrum, primarily Gas-detectors and Led Emergency Exit signs have been manufactured and the new generation of this range has been designed.

All Eleks products have been manufacturing with SMD technology and thanks to our work philosophy we are always in the search for latest technological advancements in our field-of-work. 

Nearly all Eleks brand products got the EN54 series of Europe fire standard, which is given by the notified body in Turkey, EN54, and the work on remaining products has been developing to meet with these standards by experienced R&D department.

Also we are exclusive distributor of some world brands in fire alarm systems in Turkey for many years.