ZKK Zone Boosting Card (Eleks)

      In order to be able to use high-current products (detectors such as beam, flame, etc.), the boosting input card which can be attached to the conventional zone inputs of the panel supports 2 zones. The current value for each zone is 2.5 A. External 24V supply is required for the card. In case of Quiescence green LED, in case of fault yellow LED and in case of alarm red LED is on. There are one fire and fault relay on the card and one 100 mA sounder output for limited voice alarm. The working principle of the siren outputs in case of fault is termittent and in the case of alarm, continuous sound. When the panel is reset, the card is reset too automatically. In addition, an optional manual reset input is available.


      General fault led 24V supply fauly is active in zone open / short circuit line. In addition, the zone fault  for the fault  occurred on the zone, yellow led is active.


      Brand: Eleks
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