Velox 40950 Duct Type Detector

      The 40950 series of duct smoke detectors systems samples air movement in heating and ventilation ducts by means of an intelligent smoke detector, housing, and air sampling tube.
      An intelligent or conventional optical smoke or heat detector can be mounted in the 40950 housing. Air in the ducts is sampled by the sampling tube/venturi pipe, which extends from the detector housing into the duct. The length of the Aluminium sampling tube can be shortened
      according to the diameter of the duct. However, if the ventilation duct is wider than 0.6 m, the sampling tube should penetrate the whole duct. A filter can be attached to the duct detector for
      operation in dust environments. A flexible 40950-BR enables mounting of the 40950 housing on rectangular and circular ducts with diameters as small as 100 mm.

      • Easy mounting of sampling tube
      • Single pipe/air sampling system
      • Each 40950 system does not require more than one sampling tube for supply and return of air
      • Duct detectors can operate in air speeds ranging from 0.5 m/s to 20 m/s