Velox 4020 Repeater Panel (Velox)

      The VELOX fire detection and alarm system, with its unique features reside at the apex of detection technology in the market. The VELOX network of fire panels can integrate 200
      panels over a 20Km peer-to-peer topology, sharing over 1000 zones of total 200,000 connected devices. This massive network shall require intelligent remote controls that allows local decision to control virtually any device on the VELOX network.

      The VELOX 4020 is the answer for such challenge.

      The 4020 Remote Control Terminal however is superior with full control such as Reset, Silence, Resound Alarms or even Evacuate full or specific sector of the network, hence full cross panel control over the peer-to-peer network.

      • Fully connected on the same 2 core VELOX network
      • Programmable display information
      • Up to 199 can be connected on the VELOX secure network
      • Can provide full display & control over 1000 zones network wise
      • Fully programmable via on-board alphanumeric keypad or PC configuration tool.


      Brand: Velox