SKK Extinguishing Boosting Card

      The extinguishing system, which cannot be connected to the outputs of the panel as because of high current, supports 2 zones of boosting output card which can be attached to the extinguishing outputs of the panel in order to ensure the efficient use of the products. In case of Quiescence green LED, in case of fault yellow LED and in case of alarm red LED is on. There are one fire and fault relay on the card and one 100 mA sounder output for limited voice alarm. The working principle of the siren outputs in case of fault is termittent and in the case of alarm, continuous sound. When the panel is reset, the card is reset too automatically.


      1 A extinguishing output can be increased up to 1.8 A. The product supporting two separate channels can also be used as a single channel. The main panel will fall into error when the SKK supply is interrupted, so the main panel must be working powered by SKK for proper operation. External supply required with 24 Volt 5A / 6A for the use of these products.