ROLP RX Beacon & Sounders

      The RoLP LX Wall is ideal for dual use applications where a visual alarm device is required in addition to an audible alarm. Based on the popular Roshni product platform, the

      RoLP LX is a reliable, high performing VAD (Visual Alarm Device) that is certified to EN 54-23. Recommended for wall use and requiring just one installation point, the RoLP LX Wall is also available as a base only for use with any standard RoLP sounder, including the high output RoLP Maxi sounder.


      Technical Specifications


      Mounting Wall

      Voltage 18 - 28VDC (Fire Use) 9 - 15 VDC (Fire Use)

      Current 22 - 37mA dependent on setting

      (Sounder and beacon; tone 3)

      Coverage (y) 7.5m (Switchable to 2.5m)*

      Mounting Height (x) 2.4m (max)

      Coverage Volume Code W-2.4-7.5

      Coverage Volume 135m3 (15m3)

      Flash Rate 1Hz (Switchable to 0.5Hz)

      Operating Temperature -25ºC to +70ºC

      Monitoring Reverse Polarity

      Protection IP65

      Weight 200g

      Body Colour White or Red

      Flash Colour White or Red

      Sound Output 102dB(A) (Typical tone 3 - RoLP)

      * CNPP test results