LV100 Optical Smoke Detector (Velox)

      VELOX LV series of addressable detectors employ optical and thermal detection technologies to sense fire conditions through sophisticated proven intelligent algorithms.

      The LV100, LV200, and LV350 range of detectors comes with 360° LED, drift compensation and multiple levels of alarm sensitivities.
      Combination of optical and thermal detection in a single detector head saves costs and spots both slow smoldering and high energy flaming fires. Up to 240 devices can be connected on a single loop, which can extend up to 2Km of loop length as per load calculations and cable selections.

      The devices are powered from the same fire detection loop which connects the fire alarm control panel, sounders, beacons, manual call points, etc.

      Therefore, additional power supply sources are not required.

      • Compliant with EN54-5 and EN54-7
      • Double dust trap and protection screen prevents entry of dust or small insects.
      • Choice of various sensitivity levels
      • Manual addressing via the 40700 handheld programmer
      • Up to 240 device per loop
      • LED indicator with 360° visibility
      • Automatic drift compensation

      ** As an optional, "V100 Smoke" - "V350 Heat" and "V200 Combined Detector" models with Inbuilt short-circuit isolators are also available.

      Brand: Velox