KMD 300 Series Carbon monoxide detector (Edwards by UTC Fire)

      The KMD300 detector is designed as a carbon monoxide detector for the KM300 CO detection systems. The KMD300 is an intelligent device that delivers is carbon monoxide reading to the control panel for visualization via a 3-wire bus system.

      • Complies with UNE 23300:1984, CE, WEEE, RoHS
      • Microprocessor based, SMT technology
      • Electrochemical CO sensor with high gas discrimination
      • Resolution of up to 1 ppm, less than 5% error in measurement
      • Fast response time
      • No calibration required
      • Low current consumption
      • BI-Colour diagnostic LED
      • Supported by both KM260 and KM300 CO panels
      Brand: Edwards by UTC Fire