Efire-EEXP-1/2 Fire Detection and Automatic Extinguishing Panel

      4 Zone Detection and 1 or 2 Zone Automatic Extinguishing Panel , according to the product code,
      together with reliability and quality. Designed for use in Fire Detection and Auto Extinguishing
      Systems, the panel has a 4x20 LCD screen that provides clear feedback to the user. The panel
      has 15 monitoring inputs and outputs. Prog. I / O, Low Pressure and Alarm Key are the featuring
      inputs / outputs. The panel with advanced electronics design, with ease of assembly and use is
      available with two product codes. Efire-EEXP-1 Panel supports 4 detection zones and 1
      extinguishing zone, Efire-EEXP-2 Panel supports 4 detection zones and 2 extinguishing zones.
      A variety of auxiliary materials are also available, such as remote status units, stand-by and
      cancel buttons, line terminators and relay panels. On the front panel; both the Stimulus System
      LEDs and the LCD display provide fast alarm capability. There is start and cancel buttons
      according to the number of extinguishing zones.

      Certified with EN54-2, EN54-4, EN12094-1 Standards.