EFİRE Repeat ECP-RP Series Panels (Eleks)

      ECP series Conventional Repeater Panels are 4 zones and can be expanded up to 16 zones with 4 zone expansion cards. For the Efire series conventional panels, it provides remote monitoring and control by mounting in predetermined locations without going to the central panel. Thus, it enables us to see the fire event much sooner from these repeater panels and to reach the fire in a shorter time. 7 manual keys on the conventional panel: SOUNDER ACTIVE / SILENCE, BUZZER SILENCE RESET, LAMP TEST, AUX / CONTACT DISABLED, SOUNDER DISABLED, DELAY ACTIVE; We can monitor and intervene all fire, fault, malfunction and alarm events on this panel. There are two different user levels, General User and Authorized User.


      E-NW-485 Main Panel and Repeater Panel Communication Board. It is a communication card that can be used to monitor and control the Main Panel over the Repeater Panel. With RS 485 connection cable, It reaches a max distance of 1,000 meters. Available as Standard on Repeater Panels and Optional on Main Panels. Communication cards are required in both panels to operate the system.


      Brand: Eleks
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