EYIB Fire Alarm Call Point (Eleks)

      Fire alarm buttons, in a nutshell, are products which activate the alarm system manually and allow the staff to provide warning in case of a fire. These buttons should be mounted in a good way at points in a way to give alarm without walking more than 30 meters from any point, must be at a height of 1.4 meters from the floor and at easily accessible points without blocking. Efire-EYIB fire alarm button allows the operation of fire alarm manually. Efire-EYIB Fire Alarm Button is in compliance with EN54 -11 CE standard and can meet all technical requirements of many different sectors as well as in public and private institutions. The device is alarmed by pressing the warning area by finger. The alarm given by the device can be monitored from the fire alarm panel in addition to position-changing warning field and red LED indicator. Its assembly can be made by surface- mounting or recessing.  It can be connected directly to the detector zone line, its assembly is very simple and has a red LED on it indicating the alarm status *. System testing and resetting can be made by virtue of a special key. There is additionally an optional transparent button cover to prevent the button being pushed by malicious individuals, children and students or flying objects by accidents (e.g. in indoor sports centers). Each Efire-EYIB Fire Button is packed and sold with its original box.


      Certified with EN54-11 Optional Options



      EFIRE-EYIB-EH Extinguisher Hold Button,

      EFIRE-EYIB-ES   Emergency Stop Button,

      EFIRE-EYIB-S      Gas Release Button,

      EFIRE-EYIB-Y      Emergency Exit Button.


      Brand: Eleks
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