Wet Alarm Valve

      ZSF Wet Type Alarm Valves and the other parts (such as pressure switch, water flow indicator and sprinkler) are manufactured by Shanghai Jindun and is a kind of widely used fixed fire extinguishing system. The pipe network is full of water and is in a standby working condition for a long period. It is suitable for using in a place with an ambient temperature of 4℃~70℃ (it only can be installed vertically). When there is a fire in the protection area, the ambient temperature rises, temperature sensitive element of the sprinkler (glass bulb) breaks, the system starts automatically, sprays water to the fire area directly and sends out alarm signals to alarm, extinguish and control the fire.
      Users should install it according to the height between the upper and lower flange surface and connecting dimension of the flanges.

      Wet type alarm valves are with ANSI Flange as 4", 6" and 8" sizes available. It has Trim kit, Retard Chamber, Alarm Gong and Pressure Switch.