SFS sEmergency Exit

      The SFS Series Emergency Steering Units can provide sufficient guidance and illumination in an emergency situation, allowing this product to be used in many applications.

      Emergency steering unit also serves as a second lighting function when the power is cut off and functions for  guidance and lighting for  about 3 hours via the power supply.

      LED filtered light illumination consumes less energy than conventional fluorescent lamps.

      All devices have a built-in battery for 3 hours. Emergency routing and exit units are classified according to their operating modes.



      • Easy installation and maintenance

      • Charging Indicator

      • Filtered light LED lighting

      • Ergonomic and stylish design

      • Battery operated up to 3 hours in an emergency.

      • High quality LED lighting

      • Selection of Text and visual

      • Ceiling and wall mounting possibility

      • 220V Supply

      • Working Temperature -10C / + 50C