Exit Lights

      The ROTA-SL550 One-Sided and ROTA-SL550D Two-Sided Series Emergency Steering Units can provide sufficient guidance and illumination in an emergency situation, allowing this product to be used in many applications.

      Emergency steering unit also serves as a second lighting function when the power is cut off and functions for  guidance and lighting for  about 3 hours via the power supply.

      LED filtered light illumination consumes less energy than conventional fluorescent lamps.

      All devices have a built-in battery for 3 hours. Emergency routing and exit units are classified according to their operating modes.

      With ABS side covers in body color and aluminum profile body,  It is a unit that can be mounted with LED, to the ceiling or wall.



      • Easy installation and maintenance

      • Charging Indicator

      • Filtered light LED lighting

      • Ergonomic and stylish design

      • Battery operated up to 3 hours in an emergency.

      • High quality LED lighting

      • Selection of Text and visual

      • Ceiling and wall mounting possibility

      • 220V Supply

      • Working Temperature -10C / + 50C