Efire-EYIB-Y /S Fire Call Point

      In the event of a fire, by pressing this yellow button will activate the fire extinguishing equipment(s) in the fire area and thus the fire extinguishing gas in the area will start to discharge automatically. In this way, the fire will be intervened early.

      Another function of this Yellow Gas Release Button is designed to provide customers with an innovative cost effective easy to test solution with both the architect and the installer in mind. These products are designed with the latest technology to provide a highly reliable call points and its unique appearance blends into all environments.

      In extra, Yellow Gas Release Button is unique in that it mimics the feel of breaking glass without the owner having to go to the cost and trouble of replacing the glass once it has been depressed. Being 100% re-usable, all the owner/operator has to do is simply insert and turn the key to reactivate the unit.